A non-for-profit organization dedicated to helping international medical graduates and students secure their dream residency.

Resources are available to help you. Let’s see how we can make the connection. 

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What We Offer Students..

We have a comprehensive resource center dedicated to making sure students get the best information. From tutoring, to financial assistance, we help in whatever way we can. 

We help you keep track of dates to remember, when to submit your applications, and more!

We help you with your medical school applications to get you on the right track!

We help you achieve your educational goals by helping your weak spots!

We help you obtain financial assistance to help you with UWorld Subscriptions, NBME Fees, and more!


Helping international students - by past international students.

Our services are 100% free. Our goal is to give each and every applicant the tools necessary and the financial assistance for them to achieve their goal of becoming a resident physician in the specialty of their choice in the US. 

CEO & Founder The IMG Guide

IMG guide advice has helped me as a US IMG student (from Canada) on my path to becoming a doctor in the USA who required mental and academic support. They gave necessary information regarding the medical school and expectations from the wards, how to do well on standardized exams and the study resources and material that are high yield for wards and exams in general. I loved their enthusiasm, kindness, and willingness to help in many ways.
Dilan Kilicalp
4th Year Medical Student
Being a Non- US IMG has been a very tough process with many challenges and when I finally stumbled unto the IMG guide a couple of months back, I was amazed by the resources they offered. They have helped me in many ways from helping me with my eras application editing, to reviewing my personal statement and guiding me during my interview season. I cannot be thankful enough and I would really encourage other NON-US IMG to use their resources and eventually give back to this organization.
Mohammed Sainath
4th Year Medical Student
I heard about the IMG guide from a friend of mine and I reached out directly to them on instagram. They were able to reply very fast and answered all my questions about preparing for clinical rotation and the step 2CK and CS. They even got me a Step 2 CK uWorld subscription for 6 months in order for me to start preparing for it ASAP. They have been very supportive and I am thankful to them.
Sana Chaithanya
3rd Year Medical Student
Using the information given by the IMG guide, I was able to score well on my Step 2 CK with a jump of 21 points from Step 1. This nonprofit organization is amazing and they are here to help us struggling IMGs to prepare us the best way possible for residency.​
Pamidi Adnan​
3rd Year Medical Student

Providing assistance to International Medical Graduates by converting their existing skill set into a more successful, efficient, and optimized version.

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