Our mission is to provide assistance to International Medical Graduates by converting their existing skill set into a more successful, efficient, and optimized version.

We believe that every medical graduate has the capacity and capability to exceed their goals and our mission is to provide ample resources and guidance to them in uplifting their efficacy by providing them with the tools necessary for their success.

We relentlessly pursue breakthrough ideas to deliver innovative solutions that help all our graduates grow resulting in evident success and prosperity. 

Students helped through The IMG Guide
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Matched to their first-year positions in 2020 worldwide.


We provide information on how to match into your desired residency, UWorld subscriptions for financially eligible applicants, personalized application editing, NBME self exam assessments, tutoring services and so much more. Click on our services tab to learn more!

Applicants are asked to fill out an application for financial and economic hardship eligibility. 

Our Board Of Directors will then review the application, and make the final decision based on the applicant’s needs. 

Yes, you can fill out any of the forms for financial assistance. This does not guarantee that The IMG Guide will fulfill all of your financial/resource based needs. 

The IMG Guide was founded by a group of people who truly believe IMGs are a part of what makes the U.S. health system what it is. We want to help these individuals focus on becoming excellent physicians without the added stress of overcoming barriers, such as discrimination. Some of our team members are international medical graduates that are currently in their residency years, so we are able to empathize with those we desire to serve. We genuinely want to help carry your burdens and pave a smooth road toward success!

In order to meet the minimum eligibility requirements for a UWorld subscription sponsorship, the IMG or student:

  1. Must be a foreign medical student or graduate
  2. Must be able to confirm official medical school enrollment. 
  3. Must have a set date for the USMLE exam and proof that he/she is applying to residency during that particular cycle. 
  4. Must submit a detailed explanation (approx. 3-4 paragraphs) explaining his/her financial needs, with attached proof.


Our Promise To You.

We are a group of people who believe that International Medical Graduates are a vital part of the US health system. We’ve dedicated our mission to overcoming the discriminations against IMG’s. Our team has first hand experience in the obstacles that IMG’s face, so we want to help carry your burden and pave the way for you to succeed.

Providing assistance to International Medical Graduates by converting their existing skill set into a more successful, efficient, and optimized version.